At The Surro Centers, we are committed to providing parents-to-be with the most  comprehensive and successful ability to start or expand their family using Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation here in the United States and Internationally. Our role is simple: To provide our clients with professional management and personalized guidance on each step of the surrogacy process. From the moment you have your first conversation with us, our goal is to first educate you on the surrogacy process, and then help you achieve your ultimate goal of parenthood, and to do so with compassion, care and the highest level of expertise.


Why choose our agency? Because our ultimate goal is a healthy and thriving baby born at full term. To help achieve that objective, we require our gestational carriers to participate in a wellness program, ensuring your surrogate and baby are the healthiest during the course of the pregnancy. Should you require donor eggs, we are pleased to offer our clients our own proprietary database of egg donors, each of whom has a unique set of characteristics and traits .


For our clients whose budgets are more modest, we now offer international surrogacy. This costs less than half of what a U.S.-based surrogacy costs with the same goal: a healthy, thriving baby. Our agency has developed one of the most thorough protocols to ensure the utmost support to each recipient parent, making sure all legal documentation is in place to facilitate issuance of a birth certificate, and to achieve a successful pregnancy for our parents-to-be who opt to travel out of this country to embark on their journey. Each recipient parent who chooses international surrogacy will have unfettered access to our agency around the clock, as we will are here to assure that your journey outside of the United States is seamless and worry-free.


Whether you choose domestic surrogacy or an international journey, our expertise will make your path to parenthood less stressful, freeing up your time to prepare for the arrival of your own baby!


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Please be sure to read our policy on accepting gestational carriers who have been pregnant three or more times.


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