At The Surro Centers we believe everyone who wants to have a family should be able to do so.


Our ultimate goal is your healthy and thriving baby born at full term. To help achieve that objective, each of our surrogate mothers participates in a mandatory wellness program that includes nutrition counseling, a fitness program, and a doula to help educate and guide during the gestational carrier's pregnancy and delivery of your baby.


Our founder, Dawn Marmorstein, a 4-time former surrogate mother, began Los Angeles Surrogacy Center in 2010 because she recognized the often overlooked value an agency offers to both recipient parents and surrogate mothers alike. By offering unparalleled service 24 hours a day to each of our clients and gestational carriers - including unlimited guidance and support through each phase of your surrogacy journey for a reasonable agency fee, as well as our partnerships with the best professionals in the industry - we believe our standard sets the bar other surrogacy agencies can only strive to achieve.


Couple that with our wellness program, our new, innovative pricing packages offering reduced costs when using both egg donation services along with our surrogacy agency, and partnered IVF clinic, and we are confident that our agency will surpass your expectations.



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Please be sure to read our policy on accepting gestational carriers who have been pregnant three or more times.


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