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At Los Angeles Surro Center, we believe everyone who wants to have a family should be able to do so.


Our ultimate goal is your healthy and thriving baby born at full term.  We offer a mandatory wellness program for our surrogate mothers to maximize the potential for the healthiest baby imaginable.


Founded by a 4-time former surrogate mother who recognizes the value an agency can add for a reasonable agency fee, our fee is significantly less than what other agencies charge, yet we offer unparalleled personalized service and partner with the best professionals in the industry. We also take time to acquaint ourselves very thoroughly with our potential surrogate mother candidates and recipient parents,  and only match them if they are each completely mutually compatible with one another


No separate agency fee for egg donation if you utilize our services as your full-service surrogacy agency, saving you typically between $4,500 to $ 7,000 in fees other agencies customarily charge for egg donation

2014 Events:

January 9th: Men Having Babies, San Francisco


The ABC's of Surrogacy returns in February for all new episodes!

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